I pray that we all learn to love ourselves and help ourselves be a better, healthier person.

I say, in a loud voice, we are living in an illusion – created by us (GOD) and we have alien contact long ago.

In charge of orchestrating our political/economical "realities."

Great men, such as Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tchaikovsky, etc. are helping to make this planet a more co-habitable living space amongst all. Presidents concerned with power are not.

"God" is an ever present Reality ... Government, religion & economy is a joke! That humanity plays on itself. They are a man-made creation for solutions to an ever increasing problem that grows from mankind's attempt at organization. The inherent nature of humanity is Good - But since we are ruled by STUPIDITY & GREED instead of intelligence & benevolence, war, starvation & disease is prevalent.

As I mentioned before, I feel that we are being manipulated by some alien force that has infected the heart of political power because it seems totally inhumane to walk past homeless and hungry people every day.

Let's take the capital of Ego and make it the silent 'e' in humane.