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Poetry for 24 Hours

Poetry for 24 Hours

"I've been working on this book for 20 years!
Get this great bedtime companion."


1) Poetry for 24 hours (physical, mental and spiritual)

2) National Vanity Vs. Natural Sanity
(Quatre Chats Et Un Loup)

3) Victim Vs. Savior of (North) American Politics

4) Authority Vs. Majority
(staged twice, winner of 1999 Houston Film Screenplay Award)
Also available in Spanish


1) Inside Out (A Five Part Mini Series on Healing)
Also available in Spanish

2) The Clothes ?Make? The Man I & II
(Also available in Catalan, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and Russian)

3) Right Vs. Righteous
(Also available in Russian)

4) When the Bow Breaks

5) Es Espiritu del Petroleo

6) Obres curts en Catala

7) Authority (Contra) Versus. Majority

8) The Party's Over!