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A small sample of Frank Craven acting on film.

The Clothes “Make” The Man
(59 minute moral comedy rhyme) VHS  \\$20.00
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Rights Vs. Righteous
2 half hours VHS tapes, 2 versions (in rhyme) of spirituality vs. religion  \\$20.00

What’s Ailing/Healing America?
Log in to a live webcast on Fridays at 9:30 p.m. EST at
Half hour episodes  VHS \\$10.00 each

1°)Ode to Mark David Chapman
Old John Lennon’s “Assassin”
(epic poem – homage shot at Strawberry Fields)

2°)The Natural Law (NL) with Mary Jo Christian and images of Tibet and Iraq
(Winner of the Bronze Telly, 2000)

3°)Music Workshop Parade.  Collage – Jams for Peace

4°)Salvador Allende’s Last Speech

5°)Highlights from Past Shows

6°)Prayer Vigil for the U.S, Bombing Victims (Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Drumcree)

7°)Frank Craven Lecture (Pacifist Patriot Party)

8°)Frank Craven Presents Music & Art from Spain (Winner of the 1999 Houston Video Festival)

9°)For the United States of Awareness,
Let’s Fumigate the White House (epic poem/song)

10°)Amadou Diallo R.I.P.

11°)Mind Control, Out of Control by Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips, Arizona Wilder,
        reported by  David Icke, and edited together by Frank Craven (with commentary).

12°) Free Leonard Peltier Now!(Winner 2001 WorldFest. Bronze Award)

13°)Mind Science Debate – Drugs Vs. Natural – 2000 NYC